Evaluate and Draw Conclusion

The last step, “Evaluate and Draw Conclusion”, is to undergo the whole process a critical evaluation as well as a reflection.

To meet this requirements, the evaluation can be done within the S-PLC as well as in dialogue between student teacher and course management. The main focus of this work are the defined targets and the question, whether and to what extent they are achieved. Indicators, settled in the third step “Set up Action Plan”, serve as guideline. The process starts all over again by detecting new subjects, if the targets are achieved and in the professional behavioral repertoire established for sure. The action plan has to be modified or recreated, if the targets are not or just inadequate achieved.


The purpose of the activity is to evaluate the process. Therefore, the main components are analyzing what happened after the action plan and what could have been done why differently in the future.

The purpose of this activity is to evaluate a process as well as to reflect on the results of the action plan regarding outcome, learning effects as well as benefit of others from what has been learned. The model aims to support deepening professional knowledge and refine skills by reflecting collectively about the outcomes of actions (reflection on action). The model enables members of the S-PLC to consider their actions and the results. Furthermore, how to proceed and what to change.

Reflect on one’s own practice and experience in order to improve in successive initiatives.