Reflect Joint Work & New Learning

The task “Reflect Joint Work and New Learning”, is to undergo the previous work steps a critical reflection and if necessary implement modifications or additions to the action plan.

This step can happen within the SPLC or as interaction with the course management. Important at this point is an analysis of the topics set in the Action plan and the measures taken to achieve them on basis of scientific findings of the particular fields. As a result, additional learning is generated and if necessary implemented within the action plan.


The purpose of the activity is to evaluate the process. Therefore, the main components are analyzing what happened after the action plan and what could have been done why differently in the future.

The purpose of course analysis is to focus on personal development in the field of teaching. To achieve this in a high-quality manner, cooperative forms are used. The aim is to evolve from coexistence to cooperation.

The purpose of the activity is to help participating student teachers to reflect on their students’ work, and discuss the possible ways of reflection with more experienced teachers (e.g. their mentors) about how they reflect on student work.