Reflection in Action

The Inner Circle consists of all in all six parts, which are determined to conclude all aspects of the steps, an actual S-PLC-Group has to work through. Hence, this is the part, where the particular components „Identify Problem“, „Analyse Problem“, „Set up Action Plan“, „Reflect Joint Work and New Learning“, „Practice and Document“ as well as „Evaluate and Draw Conclusion“ are the basics for S-PLC-Work.

Even if PLC-Work in general is known as one of the most effective ways of formative assessment – in the PLC- Sessions the development progress is steadily made a subject of discussion – it nevertheless makes sense and is even necessary to reflect on every single step of the S-PLC-Work as above named and to consider if it has reached its aims, if it has been performed efficiently and if it has met the requirements.

In a beginning S-PLC-Group this continuous reflection on the different steps is in the responsibility of the lecturer who accompanies the Student Teachers. Over time it should pass into the hands of the S-PLC-Members.


The purpose of the activity is to help students to reflect on the processes used during their S-PLC meetings, in order to identify what has been working for them and what has not been working.

The aim of this activity is to establish rules and norms at the beginning of a S-PLC establishment.

The purpose of the activity is to train participants of a S-PLC on active listening skills and on providing the conditions for equal participation and expression of ideas within group work.