Analyse Problem

“Analyse Problem”: After having decided on a topic the second step  is to analyse the case behind the topic and  to gain as accurate and measurable information as possible. Analysing also aims at a thorough description and to distinguish well between description and evaluation. Also a choice of reasonable partial aspects needs to be made.

The analysis requires the support of the lecturer to ensure multiple perspectives on the case and to set up a broad foundation for later action planning and new learning options..


The purpose of this activity is to get every student in the S-PLC equally involved in the analysis whether it is their joint topic or that of another student. The aim is to gather multiple perspectives of the topic.

This activity can be used to better understand a problem which has been identified, and / or to get ideas about what to do (action plan). Point of starting this activity is to form a key question based on the problem.

The purpose of this activity is to establish the components of the action plan, based on the segments of the S-PLC circle. Therefore, it is important to understand how to focus on themes or situations which
should be improved. The aim is to improve by taking the steps of the templates of the action plan.