Set up Action Plan

“Set up Action Plan”: the next task is to develop an explicit structured action plan, based on the set and analysed topics in step one and step two . This action plan is the basis of the S-PLCwork.

For this, the focused targets have to be divided into subgoals and rolled into chronological sequences. Defined specific measures, which have to be realised in order to achive the targets, are the result of the operationalisation of the targets. After all, indicators need to be defined to make the target achievement visible. Regular exchanges and reflections of completed work steps and development steps need to be planned. Usually this is part of the S-PLC-sessions. The action plan needs to be seen as “work in progress”. On one hand it is the guideline, which determines the developmental work. On the other hand, it needs to be constantly updated and if necessary modified.


The purpose of this activity is to establish the rules at the beginning of a S-PLC. Also, the components of the action plan itself as well as the handling of it need to be acquired.

The “Educational Flea Market” is a tool to look more closely at school practices: What should the school abandon, what should they keep, and what should they develop further by initiating new measures. What they need to do, based on the knowledge they have and data regarding student learning, will be viewed in relation to the condition in which they operate.

The aim is to gather a collection of subjects, which matter to the student teacher. What matters to me
as a teacher? Which are the problems I’m facing? What are possible reasons? Followed by a collaborative brainstorming within the S-PLC group for and collecting of possible trends and solutions to check